Dr. Tali Walters brings more than 15 years of diverse professional experience and impressive credentials to her forensic psychology practice. Both defense and prosecuting attorneys engage Dr. Walters’ services to consult on a diverse range of psycho-legal questions and to conduct forensic psychological evaluations. These questions include but are not limited to mental status at the time of the offense (insanity/criminal responsibility), competence to stand trial, competence to confess and to waive Miranda Rights, need for hospitalization and risk assessments, aid in sentencing evaluations, and psychological assessments for asylum seeker.

Dr. Walters has extensive experience testifying in superior and district Courts across the Commonwealth. During her professional career, Dr. Walters worked in maximum security facilities, inpatient forensic psychiatric hospitals, and Court clinics. She teaches, conducts seminars, and supervises forensic psychologists in training.

Dr. Walters also contributes more broadly to the field of forensic psychology through her work with the Society for Terrorism Research (STR). With that organization, she serves as vice-president to the Governing Board, organizes STR’s annual international conference, is Associate Editor for Behavioral Sciences of Terrorism and Political Aggression, and coordinates volunteers. She has also published articles for the journal and co-edited the newly published compilation Interdisciplinary Analyses of Terrorism and Political Aggression (2010, Cambridge Scholastic Press).

Dr. Walters earned her Ph.D. from Boston College. She is Assistant Professor of Psychiatry at Tufts University School of Medicine.

Licensed Psychologist, Commonwealth of Massachusetts
Designated Forensic Psychologist
Forensic Mental Health Supervisor


American Psychological Association
American Psychology-Law Society
Society for Terrorism Research
Coloquios Internationales sobre Cerebro y Agresión

CV available upon request.