Providing expert forensic mental health consultation, evaluations, assessments and testimony, targeting defense and prosecution attorneys:

Forensic Psychological Services

Dr. Tali K. Walters provides defense attorneys, prosecutors, and immigration lawyers expert forensic psychological services throughout the Commonwealth of Massachusetts and in the Federal Courts. These services include forensic psychological evaluations, expert witness testimony, risk of violence assessments, and psychological evaluations related to immigration issues.

Recognized as an Expert

Dr. Walters is recognized by judges in many district and superior Courts in the Commonwealth given her years of experience in the field of forensic mental health and her impressive credentials. Her excellent communication skills, manifested both in written reports and in oral testimony, have contributed to the understanding and explication of complicated cases.

Reputation for Objective, Thorough Case-Analysis

Defense attorneys, prosecutors, and immigration attorneys have retained Dr. Walters to provide exceptional forensic mental health consultation, forensic psychological evaluations, and expert witness testimony. Her work is well known to be objective, thorough, and based in scientific rigor. She offers well-reasoned reports that answer the specific referral question. Her testimony is understandable and has high impact.

Dr. Walters provides a wide range of forensic pyschological services